OT Phases of Competition

Talent – 35%

  • Talent presentations must not exceed 90 seconds
  • Only the contestant will be permitted on stage during her talent presentation.  No other person can be part of her presentation.
  • Talent presentations must be performed live
  • Talent routines that are prohibited include: the use of fire, fireworks, swords, knives, or machetes; bow and arrow acts; live animals; taking off of clothing layers.

Private Interview – 35%

  • Contestants will wear a dress, pantsuit or other attire suitable for a job interview. The interview will be “panel-style” with the questions asked in “press conference style” by the judges.  The judge asking the first question is determined before the interview begins and, after that question, there is no pre-determined order of questions.  Any judge may ask a question at any time.
  • There is no opening or closing statement
  • The total amount of time for interview will be six (6) minutes

Evening Wear and On-Stage  Question – 20%

  • Contestants select evening gown, cocktail-type pantsuit, or other evening wear attire suitable to the individual contestant.
  • Contestants will be asked one question.

Physical Fitness – 10%

  • Contestants will wear shorts that she would work out in and a fitness t-shirt or tank top (no bare midriffs.)