Miss SW 2011

Elizabeth Wertenberger

Miss Southwest Michigan 2011
Miss Michigan 2011

Age: 22
: Dundee, MI
: Volunteerism, Closing the Gap, Youth & Senior Interaction
: Musical Theater Dance
Scholastic/Career Ambition: Graduated in May 2011 from Kendall College of Art and Design with a degree in interior design and a concentration in graphics
A thought from Elizabeth:
“I had this rare connection with the elderly that I didn’t have with my peers, that led to my platform’s focus on youth volunteering with the elderly.  We have a lot to learn from one another. I think we need to take advantage of (lessons from the elderly) while we have them here.”
About Elizabeth: When Elizabeth was 13, she was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. After spending much of her childhood trying to control the disorder, undergoing chemotherapy, and being told by her doctors she shouldn’t even be walking, Elizabeth battled her condition and is now in remission. She hopes to use her experiences to give hope to other ill children.

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