Miss SW 2015

Miss Southwest 2015
Katlynn Kennedy

Ten Things You Should Know About Katlynn:
1. Favorite candy: Swedish Fish
2. Favorite children’s book: Going to Sleep on the Farm
3. Dream job: Olympic figure skater or world traveler
4. If you could visit any place in the world, where would you go? Greece
5. What would we find in your purse? My phone, lots of lipsticks and lip glosses, gum, my wallet, hand sanitizer, and probably some sort of food or candy
6. What do you like to do for fun? Be with friends and family, ice skate, dance, go to Notre Dame sporting events, read, and honestly, I really enjoy taking naps
7. Why is being Miss SW important to you? Miss SW is not only an opportunity to better myself and achieve personal goals, by also I have been given a microphone to promote my platform and to work in the community and at a state level. This commitment to service is what is so important to me about being Miss SW and part of the Miss America Organization.
8. Why is your platform important to you? My platform is very important. I am a firm believer that family is one of the single biggest blessings we are given in this life and growing up in a family that wasn’t the “typical” family helped me come to the realization that every family is different and that is OKAY! We should be welcoming of diversity in families and celebrating whatever shape or size yours comes in.
9. What inspires you? The path I see myself going down and not knowing where exactly it is leading me inspires me to keep going and keep working hard.
10. Who do you admire? My mom for her continual selflessness and her never-ending love for me.

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