Miss SW 2012

Emily Kieliszewski

Miss Southwest Michigan 2012

Age: 20
: Alpena, MI
Platform: Influencing Children toward Healthy and Productive Lives: The D.A.R.E Program
Talent: Acrobatics
Scholastic/Career Ambition: Obtain a B.S. in Political Science and Spanish. Obtain a Juris Doctorate
A thought from Emily: “I am one of six children; two of my brothers were born seven months apart; I was born with a hole in my heart; I am a closet chocoholic and a baking enthusiast; kickboxing is my workout of choice; in my spare time, I like to imagine myself as Nancy Drew.”
As Miss Southwest: “I will represent everyday people of the state of Michigan as a whole while doing the Miss America Organization proud. Through my efforts, I will work endlessly to ensure that today’s youth grow up with the ability to resist peer pressure and substance abuse. I will whole-heartedly embrace the beauty of the strength of children and adults to enact change to see our world, and more specifically the state of Michigan, to change for the better. I will be the fuel behind a state’s passion to better the lives of our children while representing the change that this state needs.”

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